The Collie breed originated in Scotland and North of England. They are a large working dog, bred for herding sheep and cattle. This breed was most popular in the 1860s, when Queen Victoria of Great Britain and Ireland became an exclusive sponsor of the breed. In 1877, the Collie was introduced to the United States. The history of this breed goes back in America to the Colonial times, when early settlers were believed to have brought the Collies with them.


The Collie breed comes in two varieties; rough-coated collie which has an abundant outercoat of harsh straight hair on its mane, tail and chest. Their undercoat is soft and dense to the touch. The smooth-coated Collie has a much softer coat which is short in length with a dense outercoat and undercoat. They are medium to large in size with their body being muscular and firm. The eyes of the Collie are almond-shaped and their neck is muscular and long. The height of males can range from 24 to 26 inches. and the females height can range from 20 to 22 inches. Their weight ranges from 50 to 75 lb. depending on sex females being the smaller of the two. Their coat comes in four different colors; sable and white, tricolor black, white and tan, blue-merle blue-gray and black with white markings and tan shadings and white with sable, tricolor or blue-merle markings.


The Collie breed is know for being sweet, noble, and highly intelligent. They get along well with all other animals, and are very sweet and gentle with children. They are a sensitive breed, with such a gentle, kind heart and they are very loyal to their family. Being devoted and protective of his loved ones, it is known of one Collie traveling over 2000 miles to find his family after he became lost. The Collie makes a wonderful family friend and a loving companion for children.