On of the heaviest breeds is the Old English Mastiff because it can exceed 200 pounds. The English Mastiff is a massive, powerful dog with a heavy and square head.

The muzzle is short and around the eyes he has a black mask, independent of the coat color. The ears are small and dark-colored. The bite is very powerful and it can break a bone easily. The tail is high and tapers to the tip.

english-mastiff The coat comes in many colors and shades. Among these colors there are; tiger, silver, golden fawn, light fawn, brindle or apricot. Usually, the males have a height of 30 inches (76cm) and the females around 27 inches (69cm). The males weight around 160 pounds (72kg) and the females about 150 pounds (68kg).

The Old English Mastiff, with his fierce appearance is considered a gentle faints. He is patient, courageous and self confident. He loves human companionship and he rarely barks. He is intelligent, calm and docile.

Normally, he is excellent with children. But it is good to provide him with a bit of training when he is a puppy. His nature is to defend the territory and his family and sometimes, he could develop bad behaviors. He responds very well to training and loves human leadership.

english-masstiff-pup Because of the great size, this dog is not recommended for people who can’t impose themselves and be the masters. Very brave and loyal, the Old English Mastiff is born to be a guard. He will attack intruders if necessary and this is why he needs a strong leadership figure to tell him how to behave.

This dog breed is recommended especially for owners that can be calm, firm, and confident and have natural authority. The owner must be the one who takes decisions and not the other way around.