Less massive than the English Bulldog, the French Bulldog has large, erect ears and a square flat. The forehead is round and the nose is pug. Also, the muzzle is powerful and the shoulders are wider than the tail area. Its eyes are round and dark and the tail is cork-screwed and straight.

This dog’s coat is soft, short and very easy to take care of. The colors of the coat are fawn, white or combinations of brindle or fawn with white. It is quite pleasant to pet this dog. The standard measurements are: 12 inches (30 cm.) in height. The weight is separated in two classes: 19-22 (9-10 kg.) pounds and 22-28 pounds (10-13 kg.). In competitions, the dogs with more than 28 pounds are disqualified.

french_bulldog The temperament of this dog breed is quite pleasant. They are affectionate and hilarious. Their personality is quite comical and they like to learn new tricks. There will be no problem with training this dog because they are curious and intelligent. They also get along with visitors, children and other pets.

And speaking about his temperament, we can say that he is affectionate, playful and easy to take care of.

Sometimes, the French Bulldog has the tendency to get attached to one family member more and sometimes ignore the others. But with love and a bit of training, that can be avoided.

french-bulldog-puppies Make sure to be just and have a dominant behavior so that the pet knows who the owner is. If you don’t do that, he could develop the “Small Dog Syndrome”.

Some of the most common health problems include eye and respiratory problems. Also, be careful about his diet so that he doesn’t get overweight.

Sometimes, this dog wheezes, snores and is gassy. So, before getting a dog like this, make sure to have a vet certificate.