The Shih-Tzu is a dog breed originally from China and the name translates as “lion”. This breed is quite common in the United States.

The coat of this dog is covered with double layers of a long hair and a thick undercoat. All the fur colors are accepted but in dog shows, white on the forehead and tip of the tail are more prized. One of its breed marks is the hair above the nose that growing upward.

shih-tzu The head is round and because of the hair on the nose, it looks like a chrysanthemum. The nose is black and the eyes are large, dark and round. The ears can barely be seen because they are very small and they blend into the fur. The teeth form a level or undershot bite and the tail is curled over the back.

Its measurements are up to 11 inches (28cm.) in height and it weights around 9 to16 pounds (4-7kg.).

A well taken care of Shih Tzu can live up to 15 years old and more in some cases.

shihtzu This dog breed is an alert one, very happy and has a lot of personality. It is also a very patient dog that makes friends easily and enjoys being trained. Because it’s very courageous and intelligent, it is a good watch dog. He socialized well with other pets and likes human companionship. Just like other dogs, he needs to be shown who the leader of the pack is. The owner must have a firm hand and be constant in implementing the rules.

The Shih Tzu snores a lot and wheezes. Some bloodlines are predisposed to respiratory problems and ear infections along with spinal disc disease. Also, the teeth must be checked regularly for infections and the nutrition must be balanced so that they don’t gain excessive weight.