The Yorkie is one of the most sweet small size dog breeds. The fine silky coat is split on the back and falls down on either site. The tail is docked and has half of the dog’s length. Usually, the puppies have a black& tan coat and the eyes are quite bright and expressive. The nails are black and the head is a bit flat. The nose is also black and the teeth are regular. The size of this dog is about 6-7 inches (15-17½cm.) in height and he weights around 7 pounds (3.2kg.). With the proper care, this dog can live up to 15 years.

yorkshire_terrier Because the coat is long, sometimes gets in the way of the dog and it is good to groom it as often as possible.

The Yorkshire Terrier is a dog eager for adventure, very courageous and doesn’t care much about his small size. He is energy all the time and likes to explore. This is why the owners must have a lot of patience and energy as well.

Very affectionate with his masters, he is loyal and intelligent.

Sometimes, he like to yapp a lot, especially when he wants something from his master. The Yorkie is recommended for older people and children.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Be careful not to give the dog the impression that he is the leader. He will exert some negative behavior that is not fit for a house dog. Also, try not to be over-protective because the dog can become quite neurotic. Don’t give him exotic food. Try feeding him with dry food and from time to time some canned food also.

Some of the most common health problems are tooth decay, bronchitis and digestion problems. Sometimes they develop paralysis in the hindquarters and other problems of the spine. Also, falls or knocks can cause fractures of his fragile bones.